If you are like us, you love to travel in style but travelling with jewellery isn’t always easy. Our favourite pieces have a knack for tangling up or getting lost in our luggage, so we thought we'd compile our top travel tips to keep your jewellery organised and save the tangled mess.


1. Use a small jewellery box or jewellery roll to store your beautiful pieces

Our number one tip is to pack all your precious jewellery into a small jewellery box or roll. This will help keep your jewellery organised and keep your pieces protected during transit.


2. Stop your chains and necklaces from getting tangled

Packing necklaces can be a nightmare - no matter what you do, the chains always seem to get in a knot! One way to combat this is to place your chain on a piece of tissue, roll lengthways, then roll the other way. Place the wrapped package in your jewellery box or roll.

Another great way to avoid a tangle is to place the necklace inside a small Ziploc plastic bag (like the ones that hold spare buttons) and drape the end of the chain out before you seal it. This will stop your chain from tangling and also help prevent the jewellery from tarnishing.


3. Keep your precious jewellery close

Your most valuable and sentimental pieces should be worn as much as possible, so you will always have a close eye on them! To keep your pieces safe when flying, store your extra jewellery in your bag under the seat in front of you rather than the overhead lockers or your checked luggage.


4. Make sure your jewellery is insured

Although we hope nothing happens to your precious pieces while you’re travelling, it’s better to be prepared should anything unexpected come up. Take a photo of all your jewellery before you go and make sure you know exactly what your insurance provider covers you for while you’re travelling, read the fine print for maximum cover values and any conditions around where you store it.