Q. What are your lockets made of?

A. Stow Lockets are made from solid sterling silver, solid 9ct yellow gold and solid 9ct rose gold. They feature the highest quality crystal and scratch resistant glass. Stow products are not plated, therefore you can always expect the highest quality products from Stow.

Q. Does the locket open?

A. Yes. Our lockets open to allow you to stow away your precious charms, you can add or change the charms in your locket for different occasions.

Q. I find it difficult to open the latch of my locket?

A. Our lockets are designed to be closed securely. This ensures that your locket does not accidentally open and avoids the possibility of losing your precious charms. If you find it difficult to open the latch by inserting your fingernail into the indent, you could try a non-metal tool, for example a toothpick, to open the latch. If your locket is too stiff, please return it to the store where you bought it from for a qualified jeweller to assess. In order to preserve the hinge, the lockets should not be opened and closed frequently. 

Q. How many charms can you fit inside a Stow Locket?

A. In our round style locket, we suggest 3-4 charms for the Petite Locket, 10-12 for the Medium and Medium Faceted Locket and 15-18 for the Large Locket.

In our heart style locket, we suggest 3-4 charms for the Petite Locket and 8-10 for the Medium Locket.

For our classic style locket, we suggest 1-3 for the Petite Locket and 15-20 for the Large Locket. 

Q. Why do some of the same birthstones look different?

A. As all of our birthstones are made from natural semi-precious stones they can sometimes vary in colour. No two stones are the same which is the same principle with our beautiful birthstones. Each one is special and unique, just like the wearer.

Q. Do the lockets come with a warranty?

There is a 12-month warranty on all our products covering manufacturing faults only. We will only exchange or repair product which we find to be faulty when supplied with a proof of purchase.

Stow Lockets are designed for Stow charms only. Placing other items inside your locket will void the warranty. Please refer to our full Warranty & Returns information section here.

Q. Can I return my purchase if I change my mind?

If you purchased your Stow jewellery from a retailer then you will need to go directly back to the retailer to discuss any possible return or exchange.

If you wish to return an item purchased online then please follow these four simple steps:

  1. Request a copy of our Returns Form by emailing info@stowlockets.com
  2. Complete the Returns Form & attach proof of purchase 
  3. Package** & return your defective product via Courier Post or NZ Post***
  4. Keep proof of your shipment (including tracking number) until your return has been fully processed.

Please check here for our complete Returns Policy.

Q. How do I keep my locket clean?

We recommend using a high quality, soft anti-tarnish, jewellery polishing cloth. The glass can be cleaned with a soft polishing cloth such as those used for glass lenses.

Please check our Cleaning & Care page here for further details and tips.

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