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“Stowed safe and close to your heart, a locket filled with precious charms captures your story.”

Beautiful jewellery pieces have been bestowed to loved ones since the beginning of time – and perhaps none more so than the locket. Created to hold precious keepsakes, sometimes a locket was chosen to hold secrets, and at other times it was gifted to find favour with or give fortune to the wearer.

It was the enduring enchantment of the locket, and the manner by which charms have been treasured by women throughout time, that captured the heart and mind of New Zealand jewellery entrepreneur, Louise Laing.

Louise and her design team headed by her husband Tim, made the decision to embark on an ambitious journey to create Stow Lockets. They set about designing gorgeous yet simple lockets and petite charms. To honour the endurance of the locket and charm combination, and to stay true to their design standards of excellence, Louise and her team created a range of contemporary but classical pieces - keepsakes which people can cherish forever.

Whilst determined to create jewellery of distinction, Louise also wanted the Stow collection to have an authentic voice where it could serve to empower and emotionally connect with stylish women around the globe.

The Stow collection is finely crafted from solid gold, rose gold and sterling silver; each locket is further detailed with quality crystal glass and sized to stow exquisitely handcrafted, meaningful charms inside.  Complementing the range is a series of matching jewellery, all honouring the quality of the Stow story.

Available at fine jewellers within New Zealand and Australia.

Louise Laing - Stow Lockets founder 

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