Cleaning and Care

Keep your jewellery looking as stunning as the day you bought it by following our cleaning and care guidelines.


To clean, we recommend using a high quality, soft anti-tarnish, jewellery polishing cloth. The glass can be cleaned with a soft polishing cloth such as those used for glass lenses.
Never use chemical agents or jewellery dips as they may damage your jewellery.


Your Stow jewellery requires love and care

  • Keep your locket in a jewellery box as opposed to its gift box.  The gift box is ideal for postage but not for long-term storage.  Tarnishing is slower in a jewellery box compared to the gift box.
  • Be very careful when adding new charms; do so over a tray or soft cloth to avoid losing your precious petite charms. 
  • Securely click your locket closed by pressing at the top of the door. This will keep your treasures safe.
  • Your locket should not be opened and closed frequently in order to preserve the hinge. Frequent opening and closing of the locket will age your locket.
  • When closing your classic style locket, ensure larger charms are in the centre, and all charms are sitting flat and are not stacked on top of each other. In the new style locket your charms will fall in a kaleidoscope fashion. 
  • Do not wear Stow jewellery whilst in water, sleeping, exercising or during any other activity that may damage your locket. 
  • Avoid sulphur and thermal environments.

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