Especially created to hold precious keepsakes, sometimes a locket is chosen to hold secrets and memories tight or give fortune to the wearer.

As well as capturing all your memories, you can also stow away meaningful charms in your gorgeous Stow Locket to represent all your wishes and dreams.

Find your charm inspiration below to bring you luck and capture all of your future aspirations.

Following your dreams

Having a small token in your locket to represent your ambitions acts as a reminder of all your hopes and dreams, encouraging you to never give up.

A lucky charm

It always helps to have a bit of good fortune on your side and adding a lucky charm to your locket means you will always carry your luck with you. 

Capturing the memory of a lost loved one

Our beautiful silver, gold and rose gold charms can represent your unique connection with a loved one who has passed - a very special way to keep them close to your heart forever.

Stow story shared with us from one of our amazing customers

"I was lucky enough to receive my stow locket for Christmas last year from my partner. He chose the tree of life to represent us and our blended family. The angel wing was a gift from my team at work when my dad passed away in January after a long cancer battle, so I could always have a reminder that I have an angel watching over me" - Jessica


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Stow Lockets wishes and dreams charms