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Gemstones are worn to represent a birthday or simply for their sparkling colour. Many believe in the healing properties or energy that certain gemstones can bring to the wearer. 

Each gemstone has a special significance and meaning which you can discover for yourself here...

Smokey Quartz - Add our beautiful smokey quartz gemstone to your locket to signify and bring a feeling of protection or simply for its luscious ombre colour.

Rose Quartz - Attract more love into your life with our precious rose quartz charm which is also known to bring more feelings of love to the wearer. This is also another beautiful way to add a dash of soft pink to your collection. 

Howlite - If you want to bring more peace in your life then many believe in howlite for attracting a peaceful energy and sense of general well-being to the wearer. The white marble look of this gemstone is also a great match for your monochromatic style.

Turquoise - Turquoise is said to bring the wearer wisdom or you may simply choose to add it to your locket for its vibrant colour. 

Lapis LazuliAn intuitive gemstone, known for bringing a sense of clarity and awareness to the wearer. The sparkling gold flecks in this deep blue gemstone also add a new depth of colour to your charm collection.

Black Onyx - The strength of black onyx is well-known among those who believe in the power of gemstones, bringing the wearer a real sense of confidence and vitality. Black is also a very popular colour to tie in with your clothing style, embodying a feeling of lux and sleekness. 

Stow Lockets Zodiac and Gemstone Charms 

All our gemstone charms are genuine faceted gemstones.